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Lifestyle Appliance Cooking Stage


Come see Louisiana’s own Jason Derouen “The Cajun Ninja”, who will be taking over the stage cooking some of your favorite Southern cuisines from his new cookbook that has become a sensation on social media!  He’ll also be hanging out with his fans at the Lifestyle Appliance booth talking all things cooking, so make sure to bring your book down to have it signed. A limited number of books and spices will be available to purchase.

Cooking Times
Friday:       3pm - 5pm
Saturday:  1pm - 3pm
Sunday:    2pm - 4pm

Mighty Dog Roofing Seminar Stage

The Home Show has assembled a team of experts who will explore and explain the latest resilient techniques for roofs. New residential building codes passed last year are the strongest in the gulf coast and will prevent the domino effect of damage associated with water penetration inside the home. In time, this will attract insurance carriers back to our market. In addition, grants from the Louisiana Department of Insurance and above code programs like Fortified Roof provide consumers with additional safety and discounts.


Saturday & Sunday  

1:00 PM - 2:00 PM

Louisiana Department of Insurance:  What homeowners can do about the rising insurance rates in South Louisiana and what lies ahead.


Saturday & Sunday  

3:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Panel Discussion & Open Forum:  

Mighty Dog Roofing / Arcane Inspections / Office of Consumer Advocacy & Diversity / Insurance Specialist

Topics discussed:

  • Differences in the new code

  • Permitting requirements for roofing

  • 3 things homeowners need to know for a new roof

YOU NOW HAVE A CHOICE. Metal for the Price of Wood.

Come see a sample model of a two-story, steel-built home presented by Dominion, USA, Inc. This Metairie-based company is a new vendor in the Show and is revolutionizing the way structures are built by using innovative metal solutions. Starting with engineers working on a 3D plan of a house/building, work turns to the onsite Dominion steel mill, where thin sheets of coiled, U.S.-made, recycled, galvanized steel are molded and cut following the 3D plans. The pieces are 2x4, 2x6 or trusses, which become walls, windows, and other features such as stairs. A 2500 sq ft. home, once the steel is cut and prefabricated, can be built in 1 to 1.5 days. A two-story structure will take about 2.5 days. You can view the Dominion steel home at Booth #155.

house 2_edited.jpg

Bark Park

Area rescue centers are here with adoptable dogs and with resources for owners including information on service animals, and dealing with your pets health needs. Also enjoy agility training demonstrations; along with dog meet & greets.

Pawtasitc Prize Pack

arcs & sparks

Demo Times
Saturday & Sunday
11:00 AM     1:00 PM
3:00 PM     
5:00 PM

Entergy Arcs & Sparks

Ask The Experts

Have a question about your home or apartment?  Stop by the “Ask The Experts” booth and speak to one of the members of the Home Builders Association of Greater New Orleans.  From mega to mini, these professionals can offer advice on any topic from roofs to flooring and everything in between.

In honor of their 100-year anniversary, NOHGS has partnered with the Boy Scouts to honor their traditions and history.


The Scouts will act as ambassadors at the entrance to the show, helping attendees as they enter. There will be a Pine Wood Derby track set in the lobby along with displays of scouting activities near the show entrance.

Boy Scouts of America

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